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The Long Whatton Short Mat Bowls Club has been in existence since 1990. The club meets on Wednesday and Friday nights at Long Whatton Community Centre which is attached to the school and opposite the parish church. The start time is 7-00pm and play continues until 9-30 pm. There is a short break for refreshments at about 8-15 pm. The joining fee is £5-00 and there is a current annual subscription of £2-00. Session costs are £1-50 which covers the cost of refreshments. The dress code of white tops/blouses and sweaters and grey skirts or trousers for ladies, and white shirts and sweaters and grey trousers for gents, is observed. Soft flat shoes are worn during sessions, initially slippers are acceptable. The club has a friendly atmosphere and welcomes new members of either sex. People who have previously played long mat or outdoor bowls will find the transition to short mat quite painless. New members are encouraged to attend Friday sessions where they will receive individual tuition on a dedicated mat. The club provides bowls of various sizes and new members can avail themselves of various sizes before they purchase, if so desired.

For further information please contact Tony on:- 01509 842382,